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What we do
  1. We are a privately held VC & PE investor, and geographically interested in high growth African, Asian and GCC markets, and are Swiss rooted, too.

  2. We offer non-financial advise how to make best use of institutional grade fund platforms, powered by technology.

  3. Being an investor ourselves, our know-how about Fund Management and Corporate Finance, cross-border, is "hands-on". 

  4. Engaging with partners through business and revenue analyses makes us happy. We are partners during set-up and lifetime.

  5. We like speaking with people having entrepreneurial interests, in asset management and blockchain enabled business models.

  • We have collectively 70 yrs hands-on experience in the asset servicing industry and steadfast will to further grow our know how.

  • We believe that ongoing convergence of absolute returns, if any, various indices, regulatory frameworks, asset classes' performances as well as technology-enabled innovations will speed up: changing the economics of the industries altogether.

  • We like to engage with people, having entrepreneurial interests in whatever industry they are in.

  • We like creative companies solving complex problem. And we want to add value by simplifying their clientele's life. The company remains ETDBW.

Image by Ian Schneider
Why contacting us – What is in for You?

Clients and partners co-operating with us, mention they 

  1. reached practical solutions, whereas earlier felt tired of wasting time with non-working concepts based on territorial opinions vs. their needs being driven by root-causes across boundaries and regulatory frameworks ("computer says no...")
  2. experience a seamless service with us, instead being frustrated to speak to countless counsels, and still having to deal with conflicting advise ("in principle, yes, but...")
  3. have found with us an accountable problem solver, as opposed to deal with non-available partners and inconclusive hours of consultations ("not walking the talk").

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