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Hummingbird Capital Partners Ltd

Hummingbirds are the smallest of birds, most species measuring 7.5–13 cm in length. They are known as hummingbirds because of the humming sound created by their wings which flap at high frequencies. Some species can dive at speeds in excess of 79 km/h. The Hummingbirds scientific classificatoion family is Trochilidae, as per Nicholas Aylward Vigors, an Irish zoologist and politician. (source:, Oct. 2019)

Who we are

​​The Hummingbird Capital Partners Group is privately held by its partners. We have long-term interests in Macro Sectors such as Consumer Staples, Financials and Industrials. However, being fundamentally industry agnostic, any microsector identifying DLT-enabled efficiency gains is of interest to us. As investors, we 

  1. wish to maintain our independence,

  2. co-operate with entrepreneurial professionals,

  3. limit ourselves to risk management,

  4. want to remain involved and on top of things, and

  5. strive to create a seamless experience.
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What we do

We invest into smart B2B risk engineering businesses   

  1. There is more to being smart than the ability to talk a good game: there is also math smarts, history smarts, etc. We want to make intelligent choices both, from an IQ and from an EQ point of view, with focus on a handful of parameter only.

  2. B2B companies usually offer things to other businesses, only. This is in contrast to B2C models, which sell to individual clients, and C2B models, in which an end user creates services for a business. Our focus area is the wider Asset Management industry.

  3. Risk engineering for us means any and all actions in dealing with risks, often now including opportunities, with aforementioned industry focus as well as its associated counterparty / regulatory as well as execution risks.

Who and what
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